Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do It For The Fans

Right now the Mets record is 54 - 54.  They didn't make any moves at the trade deadline and their season has gone downhill since their trip to San Juan at the end of June.  The Mets haven't shown any desire to win this season, not from the management, to the coaching staff, to the players on the field.  They talk about must-win games and working hard and doing extra work, but there hasn't been anything to show progress.

For the most part, the fans have stuck with the Mets.  When we hear Jeff Francoeur, or Jason Bay, or Jose Reyes is out for early batting practice we think 'Hey!  Maybe they'll find their way out of this slump!' and hope for the best.  We keep watching the games on TV and even going to some of the home games.  We have stuck with the team.  We have thought of ways we would fix the Mets.  We have thought of ways the Mets could give us hope.

Not necessarily hope of getting anywhere this year, but hope of improving the team for years to come.  There are the short term moves they can make, like cutting Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.  Then there are the moves for the future, like calling up Ruben Tejada and guaranteeing Josh Thole is the starting catcher, bringing in a new coaching staff that can work with young players.  If management has made the decision to rebuild, tell the fans, don't leave us hanging while we hope they know what they're doing.

The fans have the right to know what is going on.  The Mets are constantly claiming they don't have money issues.  If that's the case they shouldn't suffer from a couple of down months in attendance.  But, if there are issues, the fans should know.  The off-season shouldn't come and go with the Mets spending minimal money and insisting there is nothing wrong with the Wilpon's wallet.  Just like the fans have a right to know which direction the Mets are going, they also have a right to know if the team is somewhat "forced" into going that direction.

Mets fans probably complain more than any other fan-base.  It's not going to be fun to hear more complaining about the Mets not making any moves this winter.  I'll only complain if there isn't any explanation for the possible lack of moves.

Ah, well.
Let's Go Mets!

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