Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

The Mets have gone from being completely out of it, to kind of back into it, to back to irrelevance since my last post.  That's just the kind of season it has been.  The good news is, their future looks bright.  And by that I mean the young players they will want for next season look pretty good this season.

Mike Pelfrey seems to be back on track with his last few starts.  I actually had a chance to wear my Pelf-A-Holic shirt without feeling like an idiot for ever being obsessed with the guy.  It's hard to imagine Mike Pelfrey being one of the older guys in the Mets rotation, but next year he could almost be that.  With a rotation that could be Johan, Pelf, Dickey, Jon Niese, and Jenrry Mejia things would look good.  Mikey P. would be right in the middle of the rotation, in age and ranking.

Jon Niese is obviously also a part of that pitching rotation.  I don't remember the last time there was a game he started and I thought things would end badly.  He has stepped up this year in a way nobody could've expected.  As long as he doesn't pull a Pelfrey-2009, next season should be fun to watch.

Of course, the Mets need a catcher.  That catcher seems to be the one and only Joshua Michael Thole.  Josh has quickly become one of my favorite players, if not my favorite right now.  What's not to love about Joshy? He chokes up on the bat, he makes contact, and he's a catcher.  I haven't seen any outright hatred from pitchers about his game-calling and R.A. Dickey seems to like him.  And, yeah, he can catch a knuckleball.
I also would be an idiot not to mention his adorable smile.

Second base can seemingly be upgraded by anybody.  Ruben "Taylor Swift" Tejada seems to be the guy to take the job for 2011.  He hasn't hit much in the way of batting average, but he's also had plenty of hits taken away.  His defense has been pretty awesome so as long as he doesn't look completely like a pitcher at the plate he'll be good for next year.

And, finally, the closer.  Bum.Bum.Bum.  Robert Allen Parnell looks to take the closing duties for 2011 and beyond.  In Houston he hit 102.5 MPH on the radar gun and threw almost half of his pitches in a 2 inning outing at 100 MPH or above.  I was impressed.  Bobby seemed impressed, himself, and if he can continue to flat-out overpower the opposition things will look pretty awesome.  B-Parnz will get the chance to close out some games at the end of this season, hopefully passing Mike Pelfrey for career saves by the end of 2010.

Of course, there is also Ike Davis, Angel Pagan, Jose Reyes, and David Wright.  Ike has been up for most of the season and has shown both his absolutely amazing hitting ability and the rookie mistakes that can be expected.  His glove will always be there but once he fizes some of the holes in his swing he will me even more awesome than he is now.  Angel, Jose, and David are already awesome and just need to continue to produce the way they have been.

Ahh.  It felt good to say all of that.  I can honestly say I'm excited for 2011.  The Mets have some really good young players.  If they can get production from all of their young guys for the entire season next year, it will be fun to watch.

Let's Go Mets!

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