Friday, August 27, 2010

Thoughts From My Brain

I have a bunch of random things on my mind and figured I'd share them here instead of in a bunch of tweets.

Before we start I should mention the Mets won 2-1 without getting an RBI hit.  Go figure.

For one thing, Mike Pelfrey looks like he's back where he should be.  He won today because he didn't give up any runs in 8 innings.  A few starts ago he didn't do so hot and decided to shave his head after the game.  He didn't go the full D-Wright-2007 look, he just made his hair really short.  At first I thought I'd hate it.  I loved his curly hair in 2006 and before the events of 2007.  I hadn't gotten a good look at the hair until his postgame interview tonight.  I don't hate it.  I prefer the long hair but this isn't a bad look for him.

My next thought also seems to be about Mike Pelfrey.  I remember being worried about Pelf at the beginning of the season.  It was right after John Maine went on the disabled list.  I didn't know who Mikey P. would hang out with, because he was pretty much best friends with Mainer.  Now, I'm not worried about him.  I love that he found R.A. Dickey to be have as a BFF.  I remember when SNY showed Pelf filing his nails in the dugout and practicing a knuckleball grip with R.A.  I loved it.

And my final thought is completely random.  Mike Nickeas went 1-for-4 for the Bisons today.  I've noticed he tends to get one or two hits a game and then stop hitting.  When it looks like he's going into a slump he just kind of makes the 0-fer go away and keeps his hitting streak going.  And if he doesn't get a hit he takes a walk or reaches on an error.  He just always seems to get on base.  I just checked and he had a .403 OBP for the B-Mets this season.  Wow.

That is all.

Let's Go Mets!


Now I'm done.

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