Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Still Have Fun At Mets Games

I know the Mets lost yesterday and I know Citi Field has been pretty dead lately.  However, I still managed to enjoy myself at the game.  It is still possible.

I got to Citi Field in the middle of Marlins batting practice and went to my section which was right behind the dugout because seats on StubHub are really cheap.  Mike Stanton hit some upper deck shots but other than that it was pretty boring.  Luckily, one of my fellow tweeps was also at the game.  We talked about the Mets a bit but we mostly talked about colleges.  Yeah, it has gotten to the point where college talk is more entertaining than this Mets season.  We finished talking just as Marlins BP was ending so it was nice to have something to do and meeting another cool Mets fan.

Then the Mets started to trickle into the dugout.  Josh Thole went to stretch first and he waved to me.  That was cool.  When Terry Collins was in the dugout I managed to blow off my second manager for Mike Nickeas.  TC was signing autographs for anyone around.  Instead of asking for an autograph from him I asked if Mike Nickeas was in the dugout.  At that point he wasn't but a couple of minutes later a security guard said something to someone in the dugout and then Mike showed up on the top step of the dugout!

Mike was really really nice as always.  I asked if he knew that it had been exactly five years since the trade to the Mets.  He wasn't aware and when I said I was happy about the trade he said he was too.  "What a difference five years makes." He put it perfectly.

I didn't really care about getting autographs at that point so I went to my seat to wait for the game to start.  As the Mets were warming up before first pitch a fan yelled, "GO PELF! Don't eff up."  Well played.

The game started and I took pictures and watched what looked like a pitchers duel turn into a not-so-pitchers duel.  The game got exciting again after the seventh inning when I had the chance to talk to Kevin Burkhardt.  It was awesome talking to him and he is as nice as could be.  The Mets really do have the best broadcast crew.

Yeah, the Mets lost but overall it was an awesome day.

Let's Go Mets!

I still cannot believe how awesome Mike Nickeas is.  Kevin said he was the nicest guy ever so if you refuse to believe me believe him.

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