Tuesday, August 30, 2011

While We're At It . . .

Why should we start reliving the 2006 season and not finish?  It was such a great season for the Mets, even if they fall just short of the World Series.  I mean, it included more than just the acquisition of Mike Nickeas.

They crushed every National League opponent. They ran away with the NL East.  And they had some exciting games along the way.

There was the game against the Yankees when David Wright beat Mariano Rivera.  The long fly ball over Johnny Damon's head.  Paul Lo Duca scoring the winning run.  David Wright doing a running-skip to first base.

There was that 16-inning game against the Phillies.  Carlos Delgado went 0-for-6.  Carlos Beltran went 3-for-7. His last hit was a walk-off home run and Gary Cohen exclaimed, "We're going home!"

I especially enjoyed the July 22, game against the Astros.  I was there and it was my last time seeing Xavier Nady as a Met.  He hit a home run.

The season went on and the trade deadline approached.  The Mets didn't make many trades.  They did trade Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez (who was actually helpful down the stretch).  They would also trade for Guillermo Mota later in the year.  He was good while he was able to use PEDs and he was tall enough to help hang the plastic in the clubhouse during the clincher.

Speaking of the clincher, it came a few games later than the Mets expected.  They needed one win in Pittsburgh to clinch, but they were swept by the Pirates and lost the chance to celebrate with Xavier Nady.  However, the sweep gave them the chance to clinch at home.  Jose Valentin hit two home runs.  Fans went crazy when Duaner Sanchez was shown in the dugout.  Cliff Floyd caught the final out.  David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Delgado celebrated their first shot at the playoffs.  The clubhouse celebration that included Lastings Milledge exclaiming, "I'm barely legal!" and Chris Cotter getting drenched with champagne.

And then the playoffs.  Getting two Dodgers out at home on one play.  Sweeping the Dodgers.  The NLCS against the Cardinals that started so well and ended so poorly.  Adam Wainwright's curve-ball going right past Carlos Beltran.  The season ending in such a disappointing fashion.

Even at the end of 2006 there was hope for the future.  Maybe that hope will come back soon.

Let's Go Mets!

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