Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011 was not a kind year for the Mets. However, it was one of my favorite seasons as a fan. My initial perception of my favorite player as the nicest person ever was confirmed and I found out a lot of the other Mets were really nice too.

I connected with baseball in a way I never have before. I went to three minor league games in two days and was closer to the game than ever. I followed a full minor league season for the first time. I finally spent time learning about more than one minor league player and looking at the players that will make the Mets in the future.

I enjoyed the early success of the Indians and endured the dog days of both the Mets and Indians seasons. I finally got to watch every Indians game of the season and of course I watched every Mets game.

Joe Smith had his best season yet. Josh Thole learned through experience. Mike Nickeas saw actual time on the Major League roster. Xavier Nady had his season ended by a Met and Grady Sizemore's season never really got started. David Wright cemented himself as the face of the franchise. The other face decided to leave for Miami.

There was the night in Philadelphia when Mets and Phillies fans all cheered together for America. And when all of New York was rooting for the Red Sox to miss the playoffs and complete a bigger collapse than the Mets of 2007. The excitement of the last day of the season was enough for two lifetimes. And well, the postseason was Written In The Stars.

I couldn't have gotten much more out of a disappointing Mets season. And now I get to enjoy the offseason with the Rangers. Hopefully my new year will start well with the Winter Classic and I'll get to enjoy hockey while waiting for baseball.

On New Year's Eve my calendar is on the Rangers. Their Winter Classic is taking me through the new year and their season will take me to spring. The spring will bring a new year of Mets baseball and both teams will bring memories all year.

Happy New Year!
And enjoy whatever you like to pass time during the winter.

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