Sunday, December 4, 2011

On Jose Reyes

All signs point to Jose Reyes signing with the Miami Marlins.  The contract is reported to be something around 6 years and $110 million.  Inevitably, Mets fans on twitter are all over the place.

Yes, I wanted the Mets to re-sign Jose Reyes.  However, now that there are actual parameters of his contract I'm not going to say the Mets should have topped the offer.  I'm also not going to complain about the fact that the Marlins "of all teams" were the highest bidders.  They were told by Major League Baseball that they had to add payroll and they have done that and more.  Just because they had not been big spenders before doesn't mean they would never have the capacity to spend.

Multiple factors were working against the Mets in their pursuit of Jose Reyes.  The Marlins are adding payroll while the Mets are trying to cut payroll.  There is also the fact that players just don't stay with one organization for their entire career anymore.  Joe Mauer signing a big contract with his original team last year was rare, and the Twins had the hometown factor working for them.  New York has never been Jose Reyes's hometown and he did not feel compelled to take less money to stay here.

It was Jose Reyes's decision and he chose more money and the Marlins.

The Mets will move on.  Players come and go.  Just remember that now the Mets could get a more expensive closer or catcher or anything else.  They will spend at least some of the money elsewhere not only this year but every year they would have been paying this contract.  And they will still play baseball in 2012 and beyond.

So take a deep breath and remember . . .
Let's Go Mets!

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