Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Offseason Poem

The weather is getting colder,
The Winter Meetings are over.
Nobody knows what the Mets roster will be,
And it probably won't be under the team's Christmas tree.

But never fear,
Sandy Alderson is here.
He'll bring pitchers, outfielders, and a backup infielder or two,
But if you're a free agent catcher he doesn't want you.

David Wright and Ike Davis and Jon Niese might be traded,
However only if Sandy is utterly delighted.
These players are the best,
So Sandy won't just give them away to the rest.

Still for now the team is not whole,
There's still some room on the payroll.
Maybe Sandy will give us something to cheer,
As we celebrate the holidays and the new year!

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