Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Finally Made It

It is five seasons and numerous injuries after he was drafted but Zach Lutz has made it to the Major Leagues. He was drafted out of the Division-III baseball program at Alvernia College in Pennsylvania, where his dad Yogi is the coach. Zach was drafted as a third baseman but he has added first base to his repertoire. His biggest strength, though, is his offense not his defense. I guess you could even say his biggest strength is, well, his strength and power at the plate.

I first saw Zach Lutz at a B-Mets game in 2010. He was playing third base and he was huge. He stands at 6'1" and weighs 220 pounds. He is no doubt built to play corner infield. Unfortunately for Zach, the Mets have their future at those positions in David Wright (hopefully) and Ike Davis. One would think that would be the most frustrating part of his road to the big leagues. However, it's not even close.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for Lutz has been his injury history. He didn't make it through a week in professional baseball before having a stress fracture in his foot and that became a recurring issue. Last year was probably the most unlucky injury year for him. The Mets had plenty of their own injuries, including a time when both David Wright and Ike Davis were out. Zach Lutz surely would've gotten the call if he were healthy. First, he had a hamstring injury. Right when he was going to return he was hit in the finger by a batted ball during batting practice. The broken finger kept him out for a few more weeks and he missed the call. Once he finally made it back from the hamstring and finger injuries he played a few games then promptly was beaned in the head. He eventually made it back from that concussion but it wasn't long before he was beaned once again. The second concussion ended his season and may have cost him a September call up.

With all of that in mind I'm sure this feels awesome for Zach. He is finally healthy at the right time and he finally got the call. He got off to a great start in Buffalo this season, thankfully showing the concussions are behind him and his power is still around. He hasn't spent as much time in the minor leagues as other players I have followed (coughmikenickeascough) but the almost call ups make it feel like a longer time.

I am beyond happy for Zach. I'm looking forward to seeing him (maybe) get a start or two and crushing some baseballs.

Congratulations to Zach. He has finally cleared all the hurdles and made it. And even if he doesn't stick this time he will eventually. This kid can hit and I cannot wait until everyone knows it.

Let's Go Mets!

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