Friday, April 20, 2012

Josh Thole Can Hit

One of the most puzzling things for me throughout last season and this offseason was the questioning of Josh Thole's offensive ability.

Thole's career MLB batting average is .280 and his OBP is .357.  He had a rough start to the season last year, both offensively and defensively, and that seemed to turn everyone away from him.  However, after the Mets figured out what in the world they wanted to do with the catching situation and Josh got the majority of the playing time his offense returned to form.  He hit .292 from June until the end of the year and his OBP was .372, almost .100 points higher.  His career minor league average is even strong, at .289 and his OBP is also almost .100 points higher at .376.  I know I'm not a stats-genius or anything (I'm nowhere near being a sabermetrician, heck I can barely spell the word), but I know getting on base over a third of the time is not too shabby.

Josh has started off well at the plate this season.  He has had his share of adventures on the base paths and behind the dish but his offense is the last thing anyone should be worrying about.  Thole certainly has a lot to prove defensively.  However, even on that end of the game Terry Collins has been impressed.  Josh Thole may never be an all star catcher but that doesn't mean he is going to stink.  People seem to be surprised at his positive start.  I'm glad people are pleasantly surprised by his offense but it also shows just how little those people know about his ability.

It's amazing when I remember reading about how he would handle his first slump in AA.  Now it's time to see how he's going to take advantage of his big chance in the major leagues.  He survived that slump in Binghamton and I'm confident he'll exceed all expectations now.  I just don't understand why those expectations seem to be so low.

Let's Go Mets!

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