Friday, April 27, 2012

In Defense of Mike Nickeas

I'm sure most people aren't going to read past the title. They're going to think this is going to be me whining about how my favorite player doesn't actually stink and how he is actually the greatest player ever. And then there will be the ones that read the title and get clever and make a joke about his defensive abilities. Well, it'd be nice if you could all shut up for a while and listen to somebody besides yourselves.

I'm sick of it all. He isn't the reason pitchers are throwing meatballs right down the middle. He isn't the reason pitchers are throwing pitches in the dirt and to the backstop. He isn't the reason runners get jumps that leave them halfway to their stolen base by the time the pitch is released. Mike Nickeas isn't the one making errors at second base or on relay throws that go four feet to his right, well out of reach of his glove-hand.

The Mets have gotten off to a fast start yet whenever anything at all goes wrong it's Mike Nickeas's fault. If you're going to blame him for so much then realize when he does something right. Notice when he blocks impossible pitches and stops the runners from moving up a base. Give him credit when he gets a hit instead of just saying his batting average is still lower than all those all star catchers.

I just want to be able to enjoy it when he goes 2-for-2 with a BB and RBI. But it seems the only way I can is of I alienate the rest of the Mets fan-base.

The act is old and tired and I have tried to ignore it for long enough.

Just please stop.

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