Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can't Deny This One

Before yesterday's game people were saying Mike Nickeas didn't belong in the majors.  That he didn't belong on the team.  That Johan Santana should be batting before him in the lineup because there is no way he would ever get a hit.

After yesterday's game, people weren't saying much of anything about him.  He only got one hit but that hit was big for a couple of reasons.  It was one more hit than those people thought he would get and it drove in the first two Mets runs of the game.

So many fans had already given up on Nickeas before he had even played a week's worth of games.  Offseason changes and improvements aren't necessarily going to show up right away.  But he did a lot this offseason and in his seventh and eighth games of the seasons it has started to show.  Mike has three hits and three RBIs in his last two games.

That's it.  Eight games this season.  People were calling for his head after the second game.  I'm sure people will continue calling for his head before his ninth, tenth, eleventh games.  And before every game after that.  They can do that.  But when he gets a few more hits the silence will sound better than anything.

Let's Go Mets!

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