Monday, May 21, 2012

Let Them Have Fun

The Mets have now gone 1-5 in road cities in which they arrived in costume. They were swept by the Astros after dressing in Western wear and only took one game in Toronto after wearing hockey jerseys. But it doesn't actually matter.

For one thing, what a player travels in does not change the way he plays on the field. If it did, rookies would never survive their first season once rookie hazing came around.

Even if it did somehow affect the play on the field it still shouldn't be anything to cry about. Teams need to have fun during the season. These players spend six months of the year doing the same thing everyday. They are judged on how they perform against someone else who is trying to make them fail. Yes, they get to play a game everyday but the game becomes there livelihood. There is so much pressure put on how they perform during three hours of the day that they can't possibly be in that mindset all the time. If they were they would simply drive themselves insane. Dressing up is simple yet it breaks that monotony that can drive a person mad.

And you know what? It has shown me a sense of chemistry I haven't seen on this team in years.

Let's Go Mets

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