Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disney Words

It's hard to believe words said in a Disney movie from 2007 can be relevant to the Mets season, or any sports season, but these are so true.

One of the questions that keeps getting asked is whether or not you would trade the no-hitter for a healthy, effective season from Johan Santana.  It is really one of the most ridiculous questions in existence.  On June 1, 2012, Johan Santana made history for the New York Mets.  After 50 years and 8020 games the Mets finally had a no-hitter.  Does nobody remember what it felt like to watch?  What it was like to stay in the same position for hours because if you moved it would somehow change the outcome of the game?  Is the exuberance of the moments after the final pitch gone and forgotten?  Howie Rose called it a "surreal feeling" and he could not have been more right.  That feeling was unbelievable yet people are willing to sacrifice it for a handful of average games and a few more wins.

But that game isn't the only positive forgotten because of the second half free fall.  There are all the walk-offs and come-from-behind wins.  The R.A. Dickey one-hitters.  The promise of Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Ruben Tejada.  The losses do not take away the wins.  They do take away from the wins either.  I would not for a second wish the Mets had a few more wins but never had a reason to call up Nieuwenhuis or Matt Harvey.  The Mets have a bright future, perhaps in part because of the bad times.

I know it's hard to enjoy the current play of the Mets.  I also know the first half of this season was awesome.  Instead of defining the season by the downfalls, let's remember the history and magic that also surrounded this team.  Everybody loses ugly games every season.  It is not everyday that history is made.

Let's Go Mets!

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