Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Is This Still Possible?

The Reno Aces hosted an event they titled Women's Baseball 101. Really. It was marketed for women of all knowledge and skill levels but it would teach everything about the game starting with the rules and how to throw a baseball. One player characterized the event as "reaching out" to women, which just screams "charity case" to me.

This event alone would bother me no matter what, but perhaps it struck me so strongly because it's not the only instance of teams thinking females need special instruction. The Yankees played video highlights of their Fantasy Camp for Women during the last game I was at.

A part of me is surprised that women are still singled out and another part is never really shocked at this. But for it to be happening now? During an Olympics in which the USA women have the third most gold medals overall? During the same Olympics where people are trying to fathom why softball isn't included? Justifying softball's exclusion by saying the USA women are too good. During the Little League World Series where a Hawaiian team with two girls came one win away from Williamsport?

Yes. Now. When women have shown more than ever that they know the sport.

I follow countless female writers who know more than many men of the same position. I follow and know softball players that are lightyears more knowledgeable than some of the "experts" out there.

The fact that teams think they need to make special accommodations for women to learn the game appalls me. I learned about baseball because my dad played t-ball with me, my sister, and my brother in our front yard. We all learned the same sport at the same time and now my brother and I have played baseball and softball, respectively, our entire lives and my sister knows more about the game than the average fan. We all started and learned the game the same way.

I don't think I will ever not be bothered by these occurrences. Instead of specializing events for women, just make all events for everybody. Is it really so hard to simply have a Baseball 101 event? Or to show some highlights or pictures of women in promotions for Fantasy Camps, to show everyone can come (not that it should be a question in the first place)?

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