Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Hope This Doesn't Jinx Him

With my luck, Zach Lutz will wake up tomorrow with a stiff neck or something.  But it's out of my control so I'm just going to continue with this post.

Zach Lutz has been injured more than enough times to span multiple careers.  From stress fractures, to pulled hamstrings, to broken fingers, to concussions, he has spent more than his share of time on the Disabled List.  This season, however, has been somewhat friendly to Zach.

Lutz has already played in 52 games for the Bisons this season, and he also appeared in four games with the Mets.  Last season he only played 61 games for the Bisons.  The only time he missed a significant amount of games was right after his stint in the Majors when he broke a bone in his hand.  And when in years past he has been slow to get back to his game after injuries, this year he came back on fire.  In fact, he's batting .281 since he returned from the broken bone and he's hitting .307 for the season.

Zach Lutz could be a nice player for the Mets.  He plays both corner infield positions and has always had good power.  This season he has shown he can be a consistent average hitter as well.  He has only made four errors all season, three at third base and one at first base.

Zach is 26 years old so it is unfortunate for him that the Mets have both corners of the infield covered.  If he does get a September call-up, I expect to see a much more composed, confident player than the one who went 1-for-8 during his first Major League stint.

Let's Go Mets!

Another sign that maybe his luck has changed?  He was grazed with yet another pitch in the helmet but only missed one game.

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