Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

I came back from Florida last night and I had so much fun there. I went to both Mets and Yankees spring training as well as Disney World.

At Yankees spring training I only got Chris Woodward's autograph but at the Mets I got so many more!

The first one I got was Endy Chavez and he was really nice by signing for a very long time. Joe Smith was also very nice and he signed a TON of stuff (including my baseball!) I think Juan Padilla was the nicest because he signed for like everybody who wanted one. Among others I got were Ben Johnson, he signed mine right away even though I was behind a bunch of people because I was the only person that knew his name, Brian Schneider, Jose Valentin, Damion Easley, Nelson Figueroa, and Guy Conti along with a few other that I either cannot remember or their autograph is too hard to figure out. Sadly I did not get David or Mike Pelfrey to sign my baseball.

The best story is from when I got HOTTIE minor league catcher Mike Nickeas to sign my baseball.

I was basically just trying to get whoever was out there and so I went up to who turned out to be Mike Nickeas. I got his autograph so quickly it was amazing. I go and squeeze between a bunch of people and he sees me right away and smiles and asks me "'sup?" I just smile because I am not really sure of what else I should do. At that point I still don't know who he is but I know he is now my favorite player. Luckily he signed with his number so I can check the roster to see who he is. I officially LOVE MIKE NICKEAS!
I am officially allowed to have my Lilly Truscott (Hannah Montana) moment:
moment over

I will post some pictures that are from MY camera later.

Let's Go Mets!

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