Sunday, February 3, 2008

Signed Sealed Delivered... He's Ours!

Omar has finally delivered the package we have all been waiting for. The Twins waited so long that they probably did not get as good a package as they could have gotten from the Red Sox or Yankees. For Mets fans this is exactly what we needed. The fans needed to be reassured that there is somebody that can lead the pitchers and we got the best pitcher in baseball. The Mets also didn't have to give up their entire farm system. I will miss Humber and Gomez but Mulvey and Guerra never really did anything for the Mets. Overall, this was a very good trade for the Mets and this was the most the Twins could get at this point. The Red Sox and Yankees were just trying to prevent the other from getting Johan. Johan also wanted to go to New York and he wanted to be a Met. I think the Twins were just happy to get him out of the American League.

I have heard a few people that are still criticizing Omar Minaya. I do not understand why they are doing this right after he got us the best pitcher in baseball right now. The Mets have also been signing the players that filed for arbitration. They have signed Aaron Heilman, Jorge Sosa, and Pedro Feliciano was signed in the middle of all of the Johan talks with the same agent as Johan. Omar has gotten a catcher that has potential to become a leader in the clubhouse and a rightfielder that can help in the long run. Did I mention that Johan Santana is a clubhouse leader and he can speak for the Hispanic/Latino players after what happened last year. Omar Minaya has done everything he can to improve this club.

On a funny note the cover of the Daily News had Johan's head on Feliciano's body. The copy that was at my house also had the #25 on the jersey so it was very obvious about what they had done.

Let's Go Mets!
11 Days!

As far as the Super Bowl goes I still have no idea who I am rooting for.

A funny quote from an article on

Moises Alou, Ruben Gotay and Carlos Delgado all predicted Giants victories, and then third baseman David Wright went all Plaxico Burress on the scene, saying the G-men would prevail by a score of 27-24.

"I think they're going to put pressure on Brady," Wright said. "Brady likes to stay in the pocket and pick teams apart, and I think (Michael) Strahan and that defensive front's gonna give them some problems."

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