Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because He's Awesome

Joe Smith, I mean.  The Indians won 2-1 against the Blue Jays today.  Joe had 1 2/3 perfect innings.  He's been doing well since his call-up and his performance today gives me a reason to share Smitty-info.  Actually, I don't need to justify sharing Smitty-info, but I thought I would this time.

A lot has been said about his name.  Joseph Michael Smith.  It is  a combination of likely the most common names in the USA.  He doesn't play for an exciting team with the Indians.  Perhaps the only unique thing about him is his pitching style.

That's why Joseph Michael Smith of the St. Petersburg Times took the chance to interview Smitty (the Indians, one) when the Rays came to Cleveland.  It's a very amusing piece as they talk about life with the name.

Here's a preview, where Chris Perez interjects with his opinion:

I read where you said something like, "My name is pretty plain, and so is my nickname (Smitty), but at least my throwing motion (sidearm) is unique."
That's the one thing unique about me, I guess, something to get out of the everyday norm. I don't do a whole lot, I'm a pretty simple guy. My name kind of sums me up.
(Turns to fellow Indians reliever Chris Perez) Would you say my name sums me up, Chris?
Perez: Yes. Like, if you saw Joe Smith in a bar, you probably wouldn't remember him. Like the All-American Joe Smith.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Let's Go Smitty!

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