Friday, July 9, 2010

"I See Nothing Wrong With Taking Advantage Of The Stupid"

"... That's why we have stupid people!"

First, Cliff Lee is going to the Rangers.  The Mets will have to look elsewhere for pitching help.  I'm hoping they go for Ted Lilly.  He's a fly-ball pitcher that has obviously been victimized by playing at Wrigley.  I'm not sure what exactly the Cubs would want for Lilly, but it can't be too much.  He's owed $6 million for the rest of the season so his contract would mean the Cubs can't ask for too many high prospects in return.  Considering his performance may improve pitching in Citi Field, where so many fly-balls stay in the park, this really doesn't seem too bad for the Mets.

In other Mets news, Jose Reyes is batting second tonight.  Angel Pagan is leading off.  (And Josh Thole is catching.) Reyes is still only batting righty, but today's MRI on his side/oblique came back clean.  It's really just how much he can tolerate the discomfort at this point.  Oh yeah, he's still planning on playing in the All Star Game.

Also, if you're going to any of the games this weekend be on the lookout.  Tonight 10 autographed David Wright jerseys are being given away.  Tomorrow, the same with Jose Reyes drawstring bags.  Finally, when I go on Sunday 10 autographed Jason Bay bobbleheads as well as 25 game used jerseys will be given out.  Please don't make me too jealous when you get something really awesome.  I'll find some way to make you jealous of my Pedro Feliciano/Chris Carter/Hisanori Takahashi autographed baseball and you'll regret it.

That's about it for now.
Let's Go Mets!

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