Sunday, July 18, 2010

[Something Witty]

There are so many things wrong with the Mets right now and there are so many wrong ways the team is trying to fix the problems.  Some solutions are really so obvious I begin to wonder how the Mets don't think of them on their own.

First, it looks like Josh Thole will be sent down after his start on Tuesday.  He will have briefly been the personal catcher for R.A. Dickey.  Joshy is batting over .500 in the majors this season.  Obviously, he won't keep up that pace, but if he's still hitting there's no reason to demote him.  The Mets offense sucks right now, and Josh is only going to help.

Speaking of the offense, it also looks like Jeff Francoeur will soon become the fourth outfielder.  Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur have both had terrible offensive seasons.  But, unlike Bay, Francoeur has shown flashes of offense this season.  I understand Jason Bay is making an absurd amount of money, but he should really be splitting playing time with Jeff Francoeur.  And, oh yeah, Jeff Francoeur can prevent more runs with his defense than Jason Bay.

Now to the pitching.  The Mets seem to be looking for a starting pitcher better than R.A. Dickey.  One of the pitchers rumored to be on the Mets' radar is Brett Myers.  I don't have much to say about Myers except, I really don't want him.  The last person I want the Mets to bring in is a wife-beater.  I also really don't have any confidence in him succeeding on the Mets.  If the Mets were really serious about acquiring a pitcher they would find a way to get Ted Lilly or Roy Oswalt without having to trade Josh Thole.

The Mets have so many bad contracts right now.  They have to realize there is nothing they can do about them.  If they keep giving Oliver Perez chances to pitch and Rod Barajas at bats, they're going to continue to lose games.  Pat Misch and Josh Thole deserve playing time.  Why Pat Misch, the lone Bisons All-Star, has gotten zero consideration is beyond me.

Let's Go Mets!

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