Thursday, July 22, 2010

The List Can Only Keep Growing

It is definitely known that I have a lot of players on other teams that I follow.  It is also known that some of those players are former Mets.  Right now, that list started with Mike Jacobs (2005), and also includes Xavier Nady (2006), and Joe Smith (2008).

One name I do not want to add to the list:
Jeff Francoeur (2010).

The Mets are trying to trade Frenchy, possibly before the Mets get out their weekend series with the Dodgers.  First of all, who in the world wants Frenchy?  Second, just, really, why??  What would the Mets be getting back for him?  Sadly, I probably won't know any answers until he's traded.

The Mets are in a free-fall right now.  I don't really see how trading Frenchy will change that.  It just always seems the Mets are trading players I've liked.

I won't say Let's Go Mets because I really don't want them to do anything.

Omar Minaya also traded Grady Sizemore, from the Expos to the Indians.

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