Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joe Smith Still Exists

Smitty?  Minor league deal?  No deal at all?  He was one of their best relievers last season.  He was sent down at the beginning of the season to fix his mechanics so that might throw some people off.  But, if you look, you'll see once he came back he was pretty dominant.  Most of his bad outings were when the rest of the bullpen was also falling apart.  He still had his struggles against left-handed batters but that's expected.  Who was the last right-handed side-armer did consistently well against lefties?  His main job was to get righties out and that's what he did.  Righties hit .160 against him this year, the best of his career after having three years of .190 or above.  He's improved and he's going to continue to improve.  He has grown into a pitcher in the American League.   Manny Acta also seems to speak very highly of him.  The few times he's actually quoted talking about Joe, he only says good things.  As long as Manny Acta is the manager I don't see how the Indians can let Joe Smith go.  I just don't see how the Indians can not offer him a contract.

But if they do somehow let him go, the Mets better sign him.

I know what I'm responding to is from a few months ago.  However there just isn't a reason for the Indians to let him go.  I don't see them completely revamping their bullpen when they still have other needs to fill.  Joe isn't going to ask for a lot of money and keeping him around would be the easiest and best thing.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Mets programming. 

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