Thursday, November 11, 2010

On The Way Back

Daniel Murphy injured his knee at the very end of Spring Training.  He made his way back and was in the minor leagues learning to play 2nd base when his knee was re-injured on a takeout slide.  Well, he's playing in winter ball.  He's playing and he hasn't stopped hitting.  His average is .306 and he has 1 home run, 4 doubles, and 11 RBI.  He also has 3 stolen bases.  There hasn't been any whining about his defense so I assume he's improving at second base.

I want Daniel Murphy to get a chance at second base next year.  At least he should get a shot in Spring Training.  He proved he can handle first base so he should get the opportunity to prove himself at second.  I don't think his failure to play the outfield should hurt him.  He's an infielder.  If he can become a utility infielder then great.  He certainly has always been able to hit and has now played 3rd, 1st, and 2nd base.  He's going to work hard no matter where he is asked to play.  

He's hit .275 in 204 career games in the majors.  He even led the Mets in homers in 2009 . . . with 12.  Murph was going to be the Opening Day first baseman before his injury.  He should absolutely be in the Mets plans for next season.

Let's Go Mets!


Anonymous said...

Daniel Murphy should definitely get a chance to prove himself next spring. I would love it if he somehow turned into our version of Dan Uggla, or even a useful utility player.

But he shouldn't be in the Mets' plans. They've been burned too much by counting on best case scenarios, so I want them to have a more realistic plan in case Murph isn't able to contribute. That way, anything he can do is a bonus.

Ellie said...

I don't see them signing a utility infielder this offseason. I don't think Tatis is coming back and instead of adding an infielder to to-do list they could use Murph. He lost his job to an injury not poor performance.