Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Quick Thought On Mets Catchers.

In my head I agree the Mets are “a little thin” at catcher in AAA.  But then I think of Mike Nickeas and I know he could be an awesome backup.  I know it isn't a good idea to have a second year starter and rookie backup, but it's not like Mike is bad at fielding.  Backup catchers are usually around for their defense.

Josh Thole should be the full-time starter.  For the second half of the season that's what he was, and he did quite nicely.  The Mets will probably sign someone to be the backup and Nickeas will be around in AAA if there's an injury.  

Joshy will be fun to watch.  He'll come into Spring Training knowing he has a spot on the team and will have more time to get to know the pitchers.  I really don't see his catching skills all of a sudden being so terrible in ST that he can't be the everyday starter.

I'd love to see a Joshy/Mike catching tandem at some point, but as long as Josh gets the starting job things should be okay in Mets-land.

Let's Go Mets!

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