Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Feeling All The Emotions

Josh Thole left tonight's game with what is being called a left wrist contusion.  He will be reevaluated tomorrow.  Mike Nickeas took his place in the game and will likely take his place in the lineup while he can't play.

Obviously, I want Josh to be okay.  Also quite obvious is the fact that I want Mike Nickeas to play more often.  But if Josh is healthy then Mike won't play and if Josh is injured, well, he's injured and I don't like that.

I guess the best thing would be for Mike to play well while Josh is healing and get into the Mets' heads about possibly being the backup next year.  Of course, that could all be for naught if Ronny Paulino decides he doesn't care that he has a broken toe and says he can catch.

Let's Go Mets!

But I really just want Mike Nickeas to catch because he deserves more playing time than what he's getting right now.

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