Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Solution

The Mets are going to have quite a few problems to address this offseason.  From the bullpen to second base to shortstop, there is a lot to figure out.  The Mets also have to figure out who is going to be catching next season.  With so many other things to work through they will likely go with Josh Thole and either Mike Nickeas or Ronny Paulino.  My choice: Nickeas.

The Mets are going into this offseason looking to cut payroll.  Ronny Paulino is making $1.3 million  this year.  He would likely be looking for that or more again next year.  Mike Nickeas has been an organizational player who wouldn't be nearly as big a hit on the payroll.  If the Mets really want to save as much money as possible, Nickeas would be the better choice.

Paulino simply hasn't earned another $1.3+ million contract.  He was brought in for his offense and while he got off to a hot start, he has hit only .207 since July.  He hasn't even hit for much power, hitting only his second home run of the season this afternoon.  He has a career .329 batting average against left-handed pitchers but has only hit .281 against them this year, not exactly bashing them the way he was expected to.  Paulino certainly isn't worth giving a raise or even what he is getting this year.

The Mets have to make a decision on what they want to focus on with their catchers.  It is hard to find a catcher that is good both offensively and defensively.  The Mets are trying to make Josh Thole an all-around catcher but it hasn't exactly worked out.  With the backup, they have to decide whether they want someone to compliment Thole's offense and be average defensively or whether they want someone that excels defensively with the ability to lead a pitching staff and be a defensive replacement late in close games.  Paulino would be the offense-oriented option and Nickeas would be on the team for his defense.

The Mets have so many other areas that need attention that it would be easy to decide on Thole and Nickeas and focus on everything else.  Mike Nickeas was there to teach Josh Thole in Binghamton, and he could be there in the big leagues.  Nickeas has done everything the Mets have asked and it would be awesome to see him as the backup next year.  It should be one easy solution in an offseason full of confusion.

Let's Go Mets!

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