Monday, September 12, 2011

He Needs Rest

The Mets have not had a day off since their August 27 and 28 games against the Braves were postponed.  They have also played two doubleheaders since the last week of August.  They are understandably wearing out.  Between that stretch and the fact that it's the end of the season, some players are showing signs of fatigue.  In particular, David Wright looks like he could really use a day off.

In his last ten games he is hitting only .211, including going 0-for-5 last night and is 0-for-2 tonight.  However, the struggles have not just been at the plate.  He has committed an error tonight after committing an error yesterday and two the day before.  He has committed six errors in his last seven games.  His defense had looked so good since coming off the disable list.  Seeing him make all these errors is not necessarily completely out of character, but it's worse than any defensive-slump he has been in before.  It is also different because this stretch isn't simply a few poor throws.  It has also been catching throws and fielding line drives and ground balls.

Of course, as I write this he gets an RBI single and is now 1-for-3 tonight.  Even with the hit, I think it would still help David to have a day off.  It would keep him fresh for the last weeks of the season.

Let's Go Mets!

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