Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Great Day For A Debut

Josh Satin is in the Mets lineup today.  Batting seventh and playing first base.  His Major League debut.  Congratulations Josh!

I can't wait to see what he'll do today and in the rest of his career.  He has a bit of a funky swing but it seems to always work.  In his entire career, and especially this year, he has not stopped hitting.  He did not miss a beat when he was moved up from AA to AAA, hitting in 30 of 38 games with the Bisons.  Hopefully he won't miss a beat today either.

He's playing first base today.  He can also play second base and third base.  His defense has never been too strong but he has definitely worked hard on strengthening it.  I think the versatility makes the fact that he doesn't have a strong position at least a little more okay.

I know I have only been following his career for two years, but this is still beyond cool. Josh deserves it so much.

Congratulations Josh!
Let's Go Mets!

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