Monday, September 26, 2011

Never Satisfied

First, Mets fans were unhappy that the Mets had no anti-bullying video at all.  Then once the Mets announced they were making a video message fans began to calm down.  For a while after the issue was not a topic of discussion.  When the announcement debuted it seemed to become an issue once again.  Some fans just were not okay with the fact that the Mets decided to make a general anti-bully PSA instead of one connected to an organization such as "It Gets Better" that focuses on a specific group of young people (in this case LGBT).  The overall anti-bullying message wasn't enough.

I have a question.  Why does it matter?  Why are fans still complaining?  It shouldn't matter what route the Mets chose to put out the video, it is simply important that they did in fact put out the video.  It also just makes more sense to have an overall anti-bullying PSA.  Partnering with one focused organization seemingly excludes other forms of bullying.

So some fans want the Mets to express themselves in an anti-bullying PSA but only against one specifically targeted group?  I just don't get it.

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