Monday, October 24, 2011

Fool Me Once . . .

Some players spend their offseason away from the game while others play winter ball in various places. Josh Satin is one of those others that plays winter ball. He's playing in Venezuela for manager Tim Teufel. He's hitting .185 with 1 home run and 2 RBI and only one multi-hit game in 10 games total so far. However, the focus has not been on his offense. He has started to play some outfield this fall.

When I first heard Satin was going to play in the outfield, I thought of Daniel Murphy. But then I realized the situations really are not the same. And perhaps the Mets even learned from Murphy.

Daniel Murphy was a third baseman that became a second baseman that became an outfielder and first baseman. He simply didn't have a position. When the Mets put Murphy in the outfield it was because they wanted to do whatever they could to have his bat in the lineup. It didn't work and then if it weren't for a black hole at first base, there's no telling what would've happened. Daniel Murphy only really failed at playing the outfield. It's really quite impressive that he learned to be so versatile everywhere else.

And that's just it. Daniel Murphy learned to be a utility infielder. Josh Satin came through the system as a utility infielder. When he was called up the Mets had not intentions of making him an everyday player. By coming up as a utility player it was understood that he would be put wherever for a few games to see his offense. He isn't being forced into staying at one position. Satin is learning the outfield to add to his versitility not to become an outfielder.

I like the idea. Hopefully if it doesn't work out the Mets won't continue to force Satin into the outfield. Instead of being pushed into something that doesn't work it would make more sense to have him improve the defense he already has.

Whatever happens, it should be good for Josh Satin.

Let's go Mets!

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