Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Postseason

There's something about the Major League Baseball postseason that makes it better than any other. And this season I am sure it is going to be special again. The regular season had the most exciting final day in probably the history of the sport. Luckily for Mets fans, I don't think anyone will be bringing up the end of 2007 anytime soon. This year was special and I hope nothing changes to prevent another ending like it from happening again.

Most baseball fans are aware of the discussion about adding another wild card winner to each league. I do not know where exactly the talks about that are but others seem to think it is likely. If I had a vote, I would say no. If there had been another wild card position this year the last day would have been irrelevant. The Cardinals and Braves would both be in the playoffs. And the miraculous Rays comeback wouldn't have mattered because they would make it with the Red Sox. Going into September there wasn't really any races and at the end of the month there still would not have been any races. The single wild card created the miracle runs and epic collapses.

However, if Major League Baseball really wants to add the other wild card they will. Maybe they'll say it will create an extra spot for an additional deserving team.

It won't matter what they say. Right now the MLB is the only league that doesn't have ridiculously watered-down playoffs. It is still a major accomplishment to make the playoffs when less than 1/3 of the teams makes it.

Can it please stay that way?

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