Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The One Where Chip Hale Is Popular

And the offseason has begun!

The Mets made some coaching moves today.  Ken Oberkfell (bench coach), Chip Hale (third base coach), Mookie Wilson (first base coach), and Jon Debus (bullpen coach) will not be returning next season.  Tim Teufel will be the new third base coach and Ricky Bones will be the new bullpen coach.  So the Mets need a new bench coach and first base coach.  Just adding to their offseason to-do list.

I liked Chip Hale.  I mean, as much as a fan can like a coach.  I don't even really know what made him so likable and such a strong coach.  He was officially announced as the bench coach for the Athletics.  Good for him.

I guess I'm also a little disappointed that Debo is gone.  Somebody had to take responsibility for the poor performance of the bullpen and as the catching instructor he also took the fall for their poor defense.  I guess he was more relevant in my catcher obsession because I saw him at Spring Training and actually knew who he was.  And I didn't think about his lack-of-help to the defensively challenged catchers because my favorite player is the one catcher that is not challenged in that department.

I'm probably the only one that cares about Dave Hudgens surviving as the hitting coach.  Mike Nickeas said he had a plan in place to work on with Hudgens during Spring Training and obviously I want to see how that works out.  The Mets have also been pretty good at hitting for a team that was without some of its best hitters for significant parts of the season.

Ah, well.  Now we wait for the playoffs to end and the player moves to begin.

Let's Go Mets!

. . . but I'm really going to miss Chip Hale . . .

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