Monday, October 17, 2011

It Cannot Come Soon Enough

The World Series hasn't even started and I already want next season to start.  I want the Mets pitchers and catchers to report to Port St. Lucie.  I want the antics of Spring Training.  Mike Pelfrey doing aerobics in a helmet.  The entire going bowling.  Zach Lutz and Josh Thole being on the winning team.

We all know Spring Training stats are mostly pointless.  But we all also know it's just fun to see our favorite players in a game.  I want to see my favorites playing.  Even once it's the fourth inning and most of the starters are done, seeing the future is cool. 

There are so many names that I learned during Spring Training that I'm never going to forget.  Mike Nickeas, Kai Gronauer, Ike Davis.  I had no idea who they were before some February or March day before the season started.  Heck, I don't think most fans really knew about Ike before his huge 2010 Spring Training.

Everything is fresh and new during Spring Training.  Even the managers are excited about the new plans and drills they're going to torture players with.  The insanity of Jerry Manuel's hitting drills.  That moment when you recognize a drill the catchers are doing.  The endless and ultimately pointless outfield practice for Daniel Murphy and the hope it will help Lucas Duda.  The rationed playing time at second base so all eight players competing for the job have a chance to show their stuff.  

Every aspect of the game comes together during those two months.  February really cannot come soon enough.

Let's Go Mets!

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