Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He (Almost) Has A Team

Just last week it looked like Xavier Nady could start the 2012 season without a team. Today things look much better for him.

The San Francisco Giants are interested in signing him and Nady is interested in joining the Giants. And this would work well for both parties. Pat Burrell announced his retirement today so the Giants need a bat more than they did a week ago. Nady plays the same positions as Burrell and could probably play in the field more often than Burrell had. For Xavier the Giants are a fit because they give him a place to play and are close to home. Nady is from the Bay Area and it will be nice for him to be at home after being in so many different cities in recent years.

Hopefully this mutual interest can develop into a contract. Xavier Nady can still contribute and the Giants would be getting a nice player. Obviously I'm not an expert on what the Giants need but he wouldn't hurt on a minor league deal.

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