Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He's Still A Free Agent

Can someone please sign Xavier Nady? Anyone?  Bueller?

C'mon, he's actually pretty good.  He can play first base, right field, left field, and would probably try third base again if you asked nicely.  He also can hit a bit.  And he can hit home runs and get a lot of hits against lefties.  He'll belly-flop to make a catch or send opponents face-first into fences to help the team.

Xavier Nady will be there.  No need to worry about him missing time because maybe he has appendicitis, he already dealt with that in 2006.  Some might played a strong role in saving Cal's baseball program and he went to Berkeley so he has quite the education.  He is quite an expert on the name Xavier and could help any teammates start long-lasting family traditions.  And he has also taken in teammates with more serious problems.

Whichever team gets Xavier Nady will be getting quite the player and quite the person.  If interested, they should contact Scott Boras.  It will be worth it.

Thinking about how much I miss him makes me want to cry.  Can someone please just give him a contract?

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