Sunday, July 15, 2012

House Of Horrors

The Mets have now opened the second half of the season by getting swept by the Braves.  It isn't the start anybody wanted but when you consider where the Mets are playing you can't really be surprised.  Just this season the Mets have seen Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey give up 12 and 13 runs, respectively, in two games each and even though they have averaged 4.6 runs per game in Atlanta, the poor starting pitching has contributed to the 1-5 record.  Unfortunately, that kind of bad luck is not limited to this season.

Turner Field is where Ryan Church was concussed as a runner during a game-ending double play.  It is also where Johan Santana made his last start in 2010 before having surgery that lead to his absence for over a year.  And we cannot forget that it is the former home of Willie Harris and current home of Chipper Jones.

The Mets are 44-87 at Turner Field since it opened in 1997.  It has never been particularly friendly to the Mets, even when it looks like the Mets are playing well.  I know these games count as much as any others but there is something about being in Atlanta that makes me want to throw them away.  I'm not lying when I want to discount losses in that ballpark.

On the bright side, the Mets are out of there now.

By the way, Johan Santana won that game before the surgery.  Even when the Mets literally win, they lose.

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