Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not Being A Buyer Or A Seller

A week ago the Mets still looked like they could be buyers at the trade deadline.  Oh, how one week can change things.  The Mets are now playing with only two members of their Opening Day starting rotation and also without their closer.  All of sudden the Mets are not looking like contenders this season but instead it may be time to look towards the future.

For some teams looking towards the future could mean selling.  However, Sandy Alderson said if the Mets weren't buyers they would not be sellers either.  Call me crazy, but I think standing pat is the right move for the Mets.  The first half of the season demonstrated that a lot their current players can are valuable.  David Wright should ultimately be locked up.  Daniel Murphy has put in a ton of work to become a second baseman and is definitely a hitter the Mets shouldn't want to lose.  Ruben Tejada has been everything the Mets could have asked for and then some.  Jon Niese is one of the most reliable pitchers this season and Bobby Parnell has also shown tremendous growth this year.

Every year the trade deadline brings out certain fans that want a move simply to see a move.  The constant rotation of players is what keeps some interested.  But for the sake of the Mets and being future contenders it isn't what the team needs.  Trading a starter to make a splash just creates a hole in the lineup and development of the team.

Scott Hairston, Tim Byrdak, and maybe Lucas Duda are the only players that the Mets should entertain moving.  And this is only if the slide of this week continues through the next week and a half.  We did just see how fast fortunes can turn.

I just don't want to see the Mets sacrifice their future for the reason of simply being a part of a trade.  It wouldn't make sense.

Let's Go Mets!

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