Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Just Don't Know

I don't know if that title really fits this post.  Perhaps I should have chosen a line from 'Not Over You' by Gavin DeGraw, it's what I'm listening to right now, but that would have surely been too melodramatic.  Either way, the title is not the important part.  The content is what I have been harping over for hours, figuring out how to put my thoughts and feelings into appropriate words.

I know how I feel about Mike Nickeas being demoted.  Ugh, I hate using that word.  Demoted.

I know how I feel about Mike Nickeas being sent to AAA.  That only sounds slightly better.

No matter how I want to phrase the fact, I feel pretty crappy.  My favorite player isn't going to be playing for my favorite team tomorrow.  He will not be on the bench for my favorite team.  He will once again be with one of their minor league affiliates.  Just as the season is falling apart the team takes away one of my reasons to watch.  I am probably the only person on the face of the earth with this reasoning, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.  And it doesn't mean I won't feel weird watching tomorrow's game.

I wanted to see him play again.  I basically have one month before I leave for school and I was looking forward to watching him catch at Citi Field.

But is there really a reason for me to be this upset?  I'd like to believe he knows who I am.  I mean, he acknowledged me at games, but maybe I'm just fooling myself.  Why would a major leaguer care who I am?  I'm just some fan and this is his life.  It definitely doesn't matter to him if one specific fan is watching.  I really shouldn't care this much.

Yet, even after telling myself that, I still care.  This still stinks.

Maybe it won't be so bad, though.  I'll still get to watch him play now that I have  And the Bisons now have him to play with Zach Lutz, Josh Satin, and Matt den Dekker.  Maybe they are my favorite team.  Within the next week or so they could also have Zack Wheeler and Mike would be there to help him adjust to AAA.  Once again he could contribute to the Mets without being on the big league roster.  And goodness knows he'll be working his butt off to get back onto that roster.

I've rambled for long enough and I don't have the energy or guts to say anything else.  I still can't think of a proper title for this so I'll leave it as is.  Hopefully the content speaks for itself.

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darknova306 said...

He's a backup catcher that's had to fight really hard to get to where he's been. If he's acknowledged you at games, I'm pretty sure he at least appreciates how much you care as a fan of his. It's hard to find someone that cares that much about a minor backup player, so I'm sure it means a lot more to him than you think.

When you're feeling bad about his 'demotion', just remember he's still getting paid pretty well to play the game he loves and has given his life to. He's still enjoying it, I'm sure. And he's back with a bunch of guys that he knows and probably misses. And he'll probably be back in the majors once rosters expand.