Monday, July 16, 2012

I Miss This

If you tuned into SNY tonight you didn't turn on a Mets game, you turned on a Buffalo Bisons game.  And if you knowingly turned on the Bisons you probably did so to see Matt Harvey.  I turned on the Bisons to see Matt Harvey but not to see only Matt Harvey.  I also wanted to watch Zach Lutz and Josh Satin and Matt den Dekker.  And although he is no Gary Cohen, listening to Ben Wagner call a game is never bad.

There have only been a few Bisons games on SNY this year.  Each time one is on I find myself wondering why I haven't watched more games.  Last season I subscribed to and watched almost every Bisons game.  I saw Zach Lutz and the gang play almost everyday.  I didn't get it this season and with each game SNY shows, I find myself missing it more.  Whenever the Mets would call up a random reliever or middle infielder last year I would recognize the player.  I knew how they had been playing and what to expect.

I also just got to see some of my favorite players on a regular basis.  By now you know I am the queen of liking irrelevant players.  You also probably know Zach Lutz and Josh Satin are two of those players.  I have been well aware that I'm missing them play but I was not aware of how much I really miss seeing them play.  There's something about seeing Lutz drive a ball to right field (it was only a sacrifice fly) or Josh Satin lace a double down the line (he hasn't done that tonight) that I just realized I was really longing to see again.

I may find myself down $30 before the day is over, but I know it'll be worth it.

Let's Go Bisons!

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