Saturday, November 3, 2012

He's Here To Stay

The Mets have already picked up David Wright's option for next season.  Their next and biggest step of the offseason is signing Wright to a long-term contract.  Wright has said he wants this contract to take him into retirement.  He is turning 30 in December so one would figure that means he's looking for around eight years in this deal.  At this point, David has pretty much earned the right to write his own check.  The Mets aren't going to go overboard but I also don't see them keeping their pockets tight.

The Mets first offer in these negotiations was reportedly 6 years, $100 million.  That doesn't make 7 years with an 8th year option, $120 million out of the question.

But let's look past the numbers for a second.  Last year with Jose Reyes there was seemingly a new rumor everyday.  There was also the fact that Reyes was a free agent.  The Mets had other teams to compete with and ultimately they just didn't want to fight.  This year the Mets are trying to keep Wright away from free agency.  They aren't going risk getting to the point they did with Reyes.

There also aren't the same rumors flying everywhere.  Some people may take the silence to mean the sides aren't even talking.  But to me it means the sides are talking and they are serious about getting this deal done.  Neither side is messing around and letting any information out, keeping the third voice, the media, out of the negotiations.  I would like to believe the next time we hear about David Wright's contract it will mean the terms are settled and he has a contract for as long as imaginable.

This will not be a repeat of Jose Reyes.  David Wright is the face of this franchise, and he was even when Reyes was here.  The Mets saw what happened when their 2nd star left.  The consequences of their top star leaving is something they won't get close to.  If there was ever a player the Wilpons need to open their wallet for, it's David.  He is the captain, official or not, and he is definitely not going anywhere.

Let's Go Mets!

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