Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something Else About Patience And Trades

One of the biggest problems with the last front office regime was that they didn't seem to have a plan, and when they did have a plan they didn't stick to it.  Sandy Alderson and his staff have a plan and all accounts show they are sticking to it.  Their plan has never been to go all in or "win now."  It has been to rebuild and develop through their own system.  That was always going to take multiple seasons.  It's not fair to criticize them for wanting to stick to that.

The last front office fell into the trap of being in New York and seemingly went after every player that had ever been considered a semi-big name.  That front office failed miserably because that doesn't work.  Alderson inherited a mess that couldn't just magically be cleaned up.  He quickly moved past the big market pressures of New York.  "Win now" was never something he was putting on this organization.

So using the reasoning of "win now" to keep R.A. Dickey shows ignorance of this regime's strategy.  It doesn't make sense to go into every season thinking they'll reevaluate every offseason trade chip once they know if they're contenders.  If they were to do that they would never get any valuable assets in any trade.

This front office has done little to lose respect and faith of the fanbase.  If you have lost respect of it, and your reasoning is that they're not trying to win immediately I don't want to hear it.  All that tells me is that you weren't listening from the start.

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