Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Could Go Either Way

A team usually doesn't think of trading a Cy Young Award-caliber pitcher.  Usually if a team has such a player they are looking to lock that player up for the rest of their career.  However, it also isn't a common occurrence that such a pitcher is a 38 year old knuckleballer.

R.A. Dickey proved himself this year.  Throwing a pitch so many have questioned and doubted, he had a season for the history books.  He has earned trust and respect from any organization he pitches for.  But is it too late for him to get a big contract?  Reports say he wants a five year deal.  Even without discussing money that's too much.  Even the best athletes break down in their forties and that deal would take him to age 43.  I wouldn't want to see the Mets go farther than three years on any contract for him.  If he is still pitching well at age 41 they can reevaluate.

Or they could go an entirely different route and look to trade him.  If you had asked me in September about an R.A. Dickey trade I would've wanted to throw a brick at you.  But think about where he is in his career and where the Mets are going.  They aren't looking to be contenders next season.  They also have a lot of holes to fill with not a lot of money.  So would trading him be the worst thing ever?  Probably not.  This would be the definition of 'selling high' on a player.  The Mets desperately need a catcher and right-handed outfielder and they could target at least one of those in such a deal.

The concept is simple.  Go the way that helps the team the most.  And that doesn't mean only looking towards 2013.  It means which way would make the Mets the better team in 2014, 2015, and however long his theoretical contract would extend.  Is it really going to be helpful to still be rotating catchers in 2014 but have a 40 year old throwing a knuckleball?

Simple problem, not such a simple solution.

I don't see how the Mets can lose with this situation.  I also don't think they are actively trying to trade him.  There is nothing wrong with putting him out there and seeing what they could get.  If there is a move that would bring them players to help the team, they should make it.

Let's Go Mets!

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Metsmind said...

You are absolutely correct. First time I am reading your blog and you score big credibility points for understanding and expressing this. The truth is it is time to sell David Wright at the highs as well, as we are 3 years away from winning anything and a few top prospects can make sure it isnt much longer than that. What would you think of trading Dickey for either Trumbo, or Peter Bourjos and Hank Conger??