Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm So Frustrated I Can't Think Of A Proper Title

Just today it has looked like the Mets were never going to sign David Wright, to a deal looking somewhat almost possibly imminent, and back to talks to moving slowly and no deal being anywhere close.  This is perhaps one of the most frustrating things about loving and following a New York sports team.  There are so many newspapers and so many beat writers and so many people that want to know everything about every move that it's impossible to let anything just play out.

The part of me that dreams about being a writer wants to know everything about the negotiations.  What the Mets are thinking, what David Wright and his agents are thinking, why the Mets haven't just given him a blank check, who's leaking the information, is there more information that's not being reported, just how far are the sides from making a deal.

But there's another part of me that doesn't want to know anything.  If it weren't for the media leaking details of supposed contract offers there wouldn't be any reason to deny those offers.  Both sides should be able to negotiate without worrying about the media.  The fans shouldn't have to decide which reports to believe.  I'm sick of seeing fans and the media speculate the terms of the contract and when it's going to be done.

Nobody looks good when a player denies getting the reported offer.  People are forced to choose if they want to believe the news source or the beloved player.  If they don't believe the reporter then how will they get their precious news and rumors that fuel their irrationally critical rants?  But if they don't believe the face of the franchise they can't possibly be taken seriously as dedicated fans, can they?

. . . I'm getting off topic. . .

The David Wright situation seems to have just gotten so far past any hope of a happy medium of information and optimism for me.  I don't want to believe any reports because I don't want to see any reports.  Yet, I know I should try to take the reports seriously because I want to be the one on the other side of them at some point.

The writers are just doing their jobs.  I wish I could be the one writing about those offers.  But they're the very thing I detest reading as a fan.  It's frustrating and it's just one of many obstacles between the life of a fan and a professional.


Let's Go Mets!

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