Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Mets Need To Be Busy

I'm not really good at this but I'll give it a try.

The Mets have a long offseason in front of them and to be successful they have a lot of work to do. They have already picked up Delgado's option and taken care of Omar and Jerry.

The Mets need to redo the bullpen. They should get rid of Schoeneweis, Heilman, Sanchez, and the others that would move back and forth from AAA to the majors (Muniz, etc...). They will still have Smith, Ayala, and Stokes but they will go from there. Spring Training will show if Parnell, Kunz, and Niese will be ready to join the big club. But, really, I have one message about the bullpen for Omar: STAY AWAY FROM K-ROD!!!

The starting pitching needs new faces. They should let Pedro move on and only sign Ollie if it is absolutely necessary. I would like if they could sign Jon Garland or Derek Lowe. They can also give Niese a shot in the rotation or the bullpen. John Maine should be able to come back as a starter. Johan, Mikey P., and John Maine should be locks and the other two spots are up in the air.

For 2nd base Daniel Murphy should get a shot just so the Mets know what he can do. He seems like a player that will never really have a position and teams will have him for his bat. If the Mets are able to pull something off and get Orlando Hudson then I would still like Murphy to know how to play 2nd base to spell Hudson and also because Hudson is injury prone.

In leftfield I would stay far away from Manny. He is playing well right now because he has motivation. Without that motivation he could turn on any team and pull something like he did to the Red Sox. The Mets could go with the youth and keep Nick Evans there but I don't see that happening. I also don't see F-Mart coming up anytime soon because has be injury prone. Angel Pagan will also be back and Endy has always been a nice outfielder. The Mets will obviously look at who is on the market in the outfield.

The Mets had 29 blown saves this year so the bullpen is the obvious thing that needs to be fixed. As much as I would love a lot of changes I just can't see this team being that different coming into Spring Training next year. Maybe it is just my lack of confidence in the front office but I think it will be more anticipation than anything else for the Mets and Mets fans.

Let's Go Mets!

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