Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I kinda got this idea from somebody because the offseason has been really dry and I don't feel like talking about Mark Teixeira being introduced by the Yankees.

So, for a project for English class I have to read a biography or autobiography. I am reading about Roy Campanella. His autobiography is It's Good To Be Alive. I haven't finished it yet but it is one of the best books I have ever read. Reading what he had gone through changes the way I see any of the African American players of that generation and even the ones today. I also prefer the fact that it is an autobiography to a biography. I mean, a person can learn all they want about a person but they will never know what it is like to live the events. He does a really good job explaining everything that happened to him and what his feeling really were with each event.

So, if you have a chance go and get this book from your library.


mandachan said...

hey you copied my book review post! haha jk :)
(but really, i've had good luck with my book reviews, so i'm hoping that this one will get a response too :D)

Ellie said...

i hope you get a response. i doubt i would get a response because he died in 1993.

mandachan said...

that would make sense. it'd be really creepy for him to come back from the dead to comment on your post :)
(i hope i get a response too)

yay 1 year anniversary of dividedloyalty! i'm gonna do an anniversary post when i get home this afternoon :D