Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why Am I A Mets Fan?

I just answered this question on Yahoo! Answers and I thought it was really interesting.

The simple answer is because my dad is a Mets fan. But it really is because my siblings are both Yankee fans and I don't want to be like them. My favorite player is either David Wright or Mike Pelfrey and former player is probably Jerry Grote. I am really too young to have a favorite World Series match up because I was 6 when they playing in their last World Series but I wish I could have been more interested. I like how Mets fans have been through everything. The extreme lows and losing seasons and the extreme highs when it seemed the Mets were on top of the world. They are a big market team that can also be seen as small market because they always are looked at as the ugly step-sister of the Yankees.

I like having the chance to say I am a Mets fan and not just somebody that thinks of the first New York team that comes to mind.

No matter how much they suck in September the Mets will be playing October baseball this year.

Let's Go Mets!
34 days until pitchers and catchers!

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