Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What, No Press For Me?!

Update 9:33- The Rangers just won and Scotty Gomez is being interviewed and he is absolutely impossible not to love.

This boy has a Steelers themed Bar Mitzvah and had a news article written about it. My Bat Mitzvah didn't have any news articles written about it. And mine was fun and Broadway themed (I know, no Mets). But I find this unfair, especially because I really don't like the steelers.

In other news, Jerry Manuel said he would like seeing Manny as a Met. I say I would throw-up from the sight of Manny in a Mets uniform.

News from former Mets (A.K.A. traitors, at least for today) is that Tom Glavine is going to meet with Frank Wren to see if he can sign a contract with the Red Sox. Can't he just accept that John Smoltz will always be better than him?

In the 'if all my hopes and dreams came true' department there is the Yankee want to trade Xavier Nady and the Met need for more offense and another outfielder so maybe soon they can hook up on a trade.

Let's Go Mets!
16 days!

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