Monday, January 19, 2009

Team USA Is Stacked

The World Baseball Classic rosters were announced like 45 minutes ago. People could argue that the Dominican Republic has the best offense but it is downright untrue to say a team is hotter than the USA team.

David Wright, Jake Peavy, Grady Sizemore, Mark De Rosa, Curtis Granderson, Joe Nathan, Kevin Youkilis (more awesome than hot), and Dustin Pedroia are just some of the players on the roster. Mets fans are kind of stuck at the SS position because two unmentionables are the players there (one from the Yankees, one from the Fillies). But otherwise the team is pretty amazing and will be fun to watch.

It's also been a Mets wonderland of a show. First they had Davey Johnson in studio at the same time thta David Wright was on the phone (YAY!). Later they had Carlos Delgado on the phone and after that they had Bobby Valentine in studio. Let's Go Mets!


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mandachan said...

i found a picture of the 'mohawk'! except it isn't really a mohawk. or at least it doesn't really look like one...