Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did He Lose A Bet?!

Sorta. Mike Pelfrey was wearing a military style helmet at the workouts today. Apparently he isn't too good a t driving a golf cart and went off road yesterday when he was out with John Maine and Ryan Church.

Hopefully he has a better game of golf.

I found this stuff here.

Let's Go Mets!
official reporting day is TOMORROW!


mandachan said...

wow. that's almost as bad as joe smith's hello kitty backpack
(i know, you're still bummed, sorry for bringing that up...)

Ellie said...

it's okay. i've kinda almost accepted the fact that i will have to follow him the way i follow grady play. i just hate when i'm watching a replay of a mets game and he is pitching.

i cracked up when i saw the picture of mike. there has been a lot of random stuff about him already.

mandachan said...

mmm. that, the santa episode... good stuff.

i'm surprised you didn't do an alex birthday post! i wasn't s'posed to do one 'cause i have a hugeoid essay to finish, but i had it all planned out so i just uploaded and went. (and it got me 7 views which isn't much but it's a lot for me)